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Going to your first spanking party can be quite
nerve-racking so this might help


We are in the main a group of friends who enjoy the spanking scene. Afternoon parties are run from 2pm to 5.30/6pm and evening parties from 5.30pm to 9.30/10.00pm and they include food and drink.  The girls all genuinely love spanking and being caned and we usually role play and have a theme - perhaps 'secretaries' who need correction and discipline - so the girls turn up well dressed in stockings/high heels etc.

The girls are spanked across their panties and on the bare bottom, of course, as well as strapped or paddled or the whip is used and finally they take the cane. During the party you will have a short private 1-2-1 with one of the girls but I must stress there is no sexual touching or direct sexual activity other than the spanking action. Everything done is strictly consensual with the girl in question.
There is good social time as well though the main part is real spanking action.  We normally have 1 girl in the Party for every 2 guys so we have to make sure we have the right ratio and for this reason we do ask if you are new to us for a deposit - we do not run the parties for profit and if we ask a girl to come and the guy does not turn up we have to bear the shortfall.