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"The sound of one hand clapping"



I had a great time, wonderful people, lovely girls, lots of laughing and great food!
I had a lot of fun. It is amazing you can turn it all into such a lovely event.

The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxing with all the other guests
being very pleasant. The food was excellent and above all there were some
lovely female bottoms to spank. Would very much like to attend one of your next parties.

It was absolutely superb thanks. Great spanking, food and hospitality.
I will definitely come back to the parties if that's ok and keep the 121s going.
Adam from Bedfordshire was a thoroughly pleasant party, with good atmosphere and certainly very relaxed.
All the other gentlemen were welcoming and friendly. Nice food too (thanks Pete)
 The girls were absolutely delicious, and I would have taken all of them home
(if it was allowed by party rules, and the wife!).
Very nice girls with good personalities. Lovely bottoms too!
Mike from Milton Keynes

Thanks guys for a great party – lovely sexy girls, good company and good food.
JM from London

Lots of spanking in a relaxed atmosphere.
Fabulous girls who really seemed to enjoy themselves. I loved the mini 121s.
Dave from Leicester

What stands out about your parties is the extremely high quality of your ladies.
Regular party-goers and newcomers alike can not fail to impressed as
to how lovely your ladies are and how well they play.
Gentleman Paul